Mum shocked as twins born fused at the head and facing opposite directions in ultra rare case


It is still unknown if the conjoined siblings share a brain but they are set to be examined by a paediatrician and neurosurgeon.

An Indian woman was stunned after she gave birth to twins fused at the head and facing different directions.

The conjoined daughters have separate bodies and a healthy set of limbs and vital organs, but it still unknown if they share a brain.

Sarifa Khatun, 35, was overjoyed when the midwife said she has given birth to twins but soon the joy vanished when she saw her girls were joined together at the head.

After her home birth, Sarifa and her husband Yakur Ali rushed their babies to a nearby hospital where after preliminary care, they were referred to an advanced hospital for possible surgery.

Yakur said: “My wife had to give birth to the children at home because transportation was not possible.”

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A doctor said: “It is a rare case of conjoined twins and could be Cephalopagus or Craniopagus. We have referred them to an advanced hospital in Guwahati where a paediatric surgeon and neurosurgeon will look into their case.

“The babies are stable and healthy and can be separated in surgery.

“But only a neurosurgeon can determine the complexity of their case.”

Cephalopagus is when twins are joined at the back of the head and fused in the upper portion of the body, with the bottom portions separate.

Craniopagus twins are conjoined twins who are fused at the cranium.