First picture of Paris Orly airport gunman moments after he was shot dead by French security forces


The man was killed after he stole a soldier’s firearm and took refuge in a shop around an hour after he shot and wounded a police officer in Paris’ northern outskirts.

A CCTV image shows the Orly airport attacker dead on the floor moments after he was shot by security forces.

The man was killed after he stole a soldier’s firearm and took refuge in a shop around an hour after he wounded a police officer in an earlier shooting.

An image taken from CCTV footage shows him sprawled on the floor in front of a Chez Paul bakery in the airport’s south terminal, French media reported.

Police sources told Reuters he was a “radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services”.

A spokesman for the French Interior Ministry told reporters that the man wrestled the gun away from the soldier and was killed by security forces moments later.

Authorities say it was the same man who shot a police officer in Paris’ northern outskirts earlier Saturday morning.

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During the ensuing operation anti-terror police evacuated Orly and did a sweep of the airport in search of potential accomplices or explosives.

No explosives were found on the man’s body or elsewhere inside the airport.

All flights in an out of Orly – which is served by airlines including British Airways and easyJet – were suspended as the airport was shut down and roads were blocked.

Terrified passengers said they heard gunshots in Orly’s south terminal at about 8.30am and were told to flee.

There were around 3,000 people inside the airport, but one else was injured, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

Eyewitnesses described scenes of terror and panic as the dramatic incident unfolded in the packed airport.

Passenger Franck Lecam, 54, told Le Parisien : “We were waiting in line for a flight to Tel Aviv when we heard three or four gunshots nearby. The whole airport was evacuated.

“There are policemen, emergency workers and soldiers everywhere in all directions.”

He said a security official at the airport told him the incident occurred near check-in desks where Turkish Airlines flights were scheduled.

The attack occurred as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are making an official visit to France. On Saturday they were due to meet with victims and first responders from the deadly 2015 terror attacks in Paris.