[Video] Meet Human Like Highly Intelligent Sex Doll Samantha, That Has Emotions And Likes To Be Touched (Must See)


Meet Samantha, a sex doll robot with built in artificial intelligence which gives her the ability to respond to her user with emotion. Of course, Samantha’s main purpose is to provide sexual services to her owner, but her creator Sergi Santos designed her to be able to respond when her user touches her hands and hips. Special touch sensors allow Samantha to recognize when her user is touching her in a romantic way, which causes her to enter ‘family mode.’

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However, she knows when her user wants to do more than talk and is programmed to simulate an orgasm for climax. Samantha is the latest innovation in the sex robot industry, which often adopts new technology way in advance of other industries. Although Japan and other East Asian countries have been traditional market leaders in the sex doll industry, Barcelona is emerging as the European center for sex dolls. The first sex doll brothel opened its doors in the Spanish city earlier this year.