[Heroin Valer 2 Milliards Rupi Saizi] ADSU Suspect 1 Proprietaire Seval!


New development expected in the case of 135 kilos of heroin worth more than 2 billion rupees seized in the port on Thursday 9th March.

While Navind Kistnah who is the main suspect has still not returned from South Africa, one of his acquaintances, a prominent horse owner at the Champ de Mars is in the ADSU’s viewfinder.

He could be the link between Navind Kistnah and the racing world. The main suspect in this case said, in an exclusive statement to Top FM, that the owner of the horses in question is the one who allowed him to rub at the top of the horse industry.

The owner of the horses in question has been in the lap for several years and is a member of a stable that was born in 2014. He has a share in a courier who started his career in Mauritius in 2015 and has won six Races.

He runs a chain of fast-food successfully. According to our information, he could be questioned by investigators in the coming days. In addition, investigators have their eyes on a horse stable that was born last year. One of his horses raced under the name Navind Kistnah.