[Video] Enn SUV Roul Lo Enn Ti Bebe Mai Saki Pou Arive Apre Zot Pa Pu Kwar


This is the shocking moment that a three-year-old boy is run over by an SUV – and the driver then callously drives off.

But the young boy miraculously survives the horrendous accident, in which you can see him being literally crushed under the wheels of the 4×4.

The shocking footage was captured on CCTV in the Silvassa district of Dadar and Nagar Haveli in India, and shows Tejas Jaiswal playing in a car park close to his parents home.

He sits static as the car reverses out of a tight space, and the boys tiny body is dragged forward by the wheel of the car.

The driver realises something is wrong and stops but seems to be unaware that it is a human being stuck underneath, reversing yet again in the most heartstopping of moments in the horrific video.


The boy’s body is crushed under the wheel of the heavy car as it reverses painfully slowly over him and into the road.

The car then takes a turn and drives off, while the injured boy is left lying on the ground.

The startling video then shows a woman spotting the injured boy and raising a cry.

But despite the crushing impact of the car, the toddler miraculously sits up.

Soon after the incident, crowds of locals gathered at the scene and took the boy to a local hospital, and informed his parents.

A doctor treating Tejas said: ‘It is a miracle. The boy has no internal injuries but he has a fracture in one leg due to the immense pressure of the car. He should be up and running in a few weeks time.’

The driver has not been charged yet, but the local police have impounded the SUV. However, the boy’s parents have not yet lodged a case with local police.

A police spokesperson said: ‘We have been told that the driver, who ran over the boy, is related to the family and lives in the same neighbourhood so they don’t want to press charges.

‘But, it cannot be a personal matter as the small child almost died. It was sheer negligence of the parents and inhumanity of the driver. We are still filing a case against the driver and looking into it.’