[Dan Collez] 3 Zelevs Harcel 1 Garcon Malad; 1 La Fer Pipi Lor So Sketchpad


The parent of a student made a complaint at the Curepipe police station on Friday 7th of April. The complaint was made against three secondary school students aged 14 to 15 years.
In his complaint, the 14-year-old victim who is in Form III revealed that on Wednesday 5th of April he had fever. He informed the Rector’s office and was taken to the Rest Room.

Another student was also there. “At about 12:30, three Form IV schoolboys entered the room and started teasing me. One of them urinated on my sketch pad. They asked me to switch on the lights and to switch it off again. I told them I could not, because I was sick. I lay back again, “said the teenage boy to the police.
“Two of the boys stopped me by the arms on the bed, while another took out his mobile phone. He tappe intimate parts while filming the scene. He tried to remove my trousers to record me but I resisted. He then weighed on my private part through my pants while filming. He then threatened to put the video on Facebook and Instagram”

Once at home the traumatized teenager confided in his father the whole incident. “I immediately went to the police station in Curepipe. One officer first told me that this case involved the Cybercrime Unit.
An officer from the unit spoke with his colleagues at Curepipe and demanded that my complaint be recorded. It was only on Friday that we managed to record this complaint. Now we are demanding sanctions against these three college students who posted the video of this scene on Facebook, before removing it later,” said the father of the college.

Upon asked for a reaction, a representative of the secondary school says said that they were not aware of this ordeal. However, they promised to “initiate an investigation”. “We invite the parent to accompany his son to file a complaint with the college,” he added.