[CASE BAI] La Cour Finn Decid Pu Raye Bann Sarz Contre Laina Ek Adeela Rawat


Tuesday 25th of April: The decisions has been taken today in the court of Curepipe. The charges against Laina and Adeela Rawat together with her husband Claudio Feistritzer in the BAI case have been struck out.

The order forbidding to leave the country which weighed on the sisters Rawat and Claudio Feistritzer was also lifted.

Laina Rawat, in a statement to the press after the Court’s decision, says she is eager to find her parents who are in France.

She adds that “the fight continues with regard to the reimbursement of BAI’s customers”.

“We thank everyone who has supported us so far. I can not wait to see my parents again. The past two years have been very difficult and today is the end of this whole story. Many things have changed and they will not be the same. We also have a special thought for the customers of the group and those of Cash Back Gold. We always think of you and we are in the fight with you, “she said.