[Video] Rodney Mootoosamy: Zom Ki Pe Fer Buzz Lo Facebook

Zot tou pe koz so koze depi Dimans le 3 Septam. Li apel Rodney Mootoosamy. Sa zom-la pe fer buzz lo Facebook depi ki enn foto de li an konpagni zoke Steven Arnauld, vinker Maiden Cup 2017, ek kat otess Air Mauritius pe fer letour rezo sosio.

Sa foto-la finn touss 187 000 internot lo paz Facebook Defi Media Group. San kont bann komanter ki tonbe kouma lapli.


Vwasi saki enn internot inn ekrir lo li: “he Attitude of this guy flares Happiness….He is like Water …keeping shape in any environment….He is a Superstar in his attire wherever he goes…he impresses other…What a serene life..without corruption…drugs….not egocentric…. This what we call Enjoyment……God bless this kind of person ….they are a Model to be learn with… Copy & paste it in our life to see the Happiness…”