[Exclusive] Laverite Lo Latchmee Devi Adheen Ki Pou Fer Zot Soke

Kouma zot tou kone, Latchmee Devi Adheen inn port plint yer, Lindi le 2 Oktob, dan CCID kont PPS Kalyan Tarolah. Zot inplike dan enn zafer sextos ek ena bann video ki pe sirkile lo Facebook kot nou trouv zot tir lalang.

Sunday Times ti publie enn lartik lo prezume viktim Latchmee Devi Adheen kot li dir li finn fer so bann letid dan USA ek ti pe rod travay dan Mauritius Telecom. Ek li finn rod led avek PPS Kalyan Tarolah. Nou pou devwal tou bann mansonz ki linn dir ek se so prop kouzin Siwan Jeetun ki finn al fer letid USA ki temwagn sa:

“She never went to study in the USA. Her cousin got a scholarship in the States and trying to show off, she also said that she is going to study in the States but in reality, she was going to work on a cruise ship by the name of Rhapsody of the Seas and she worked as a photographer there. I know that because I am that cousin. And I am not scared to say that she is lying. From 1991 to 1996, she knew the guy, when she was born in 1991. Also she went abroad in after 1996, that’s not true. She attended New Educational College in Bel air and almost failed her F5. She took a few courses here and there and then somehow, got to go to do a course in Photography somewhere in Rose Hill and then went on the cruise ship.
She has disgraced our family already.
Even when she said that her brother went to study abroad, she really meant that he was going to work on the same cruise ship that she was working on. When I said that to her mom, how come she went to study and back only within just 6 months, she said, how do you know. did you pay her university fees? Lol, too bad her mom is my mom’s younger sister, but both mother and daughters are two examples of disgrace. Mom is seeing another guy who lives in Bel Air. How do you explain that you work in a call centre or something Like that in Ebene and you have a personal driver that goes and drop you and even picks you up after work?
If they claim that they are not political agents, well, too bad, you are and that everyone in the area where you live know that.”

Kouma zot inn kapav lir li lao, prezume viktim Latchmee Devi Adheen inn koz boukou manti ek li fer laont enn fam. Nou demann otorite fer eklersisman ek guet sa ka-la byin. Ena boukou mansonz ladan.

Pa blie partaz sa lartik-la ek met enn komanter anba.