[Video] Trouv Enn Fantom Dan Lekol. Eski Se Enn Prev Ki Li Existe ?

Boukou dimoun pa kwar lo fantom. Ek plizir fwa nou finn trouv bann video online kot inn montre ki zot existe me lasi boukou pa kwar. Eski sa video-la pou konvink zot? Eski li foss? Guet video-la ek zize zot me. Vwasi zistwar ki finn pase Deerpark School dan Cork…

Ghosts have been blamed for a series of unexplained disturbances at a school, caught on camera in bizarre new footage.

The mysterious video was filmed at Deerpark school in Cork after motion-activated cameras were installed on site.


It seems to shows a door opening and closing of its own accord, furniture rocking back and forth unaided and a locker flying open and spilling paper.

Principal Kevin Barry said: ‘Obviously we were alerted to movement in the school and when we went back to review the movement that’s what we saw.

‘It was in the middle of the night. We’re bemused ourselves, we don’t know [what it is].

He continued: ‘I’m a sceptic myself but we said we’d throw it up on our Facebook page, simply because we don’t know is this a prank or what? Is somebody playing games with us?

‘It’s a very old building, going back a number of years and it’s got a lot of history.

‘People in old buildings are always hearing noises and strange sounds but this is the first time we’ve actually caught something.

‘We’d often come across papers strewn about but we were never able to say what it was, we just assumed it was students that were doing it.’

He also said that no other motion-activated cameras leading to the corridor had been triggered by the supposed poltergeist.

He said: ‘Because we have motion-sensor detectors now, we should have been able to detect other people coming towards that area on the other cameras, and we haven’t been able to.’